Leaders in Interior finishes

Leaders in Interior finishes

Leaders in Interior finishes

Hygienic Walls and Ceilings Inside and Outside corners
formed onsite
Reduces Microbes by up to 99.9% Biomaster antimicrobial additives are registered with the Biocidal Products Regulation, the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency Photojemic is quickly installed and easy to clean With our Jemiguard coating, you only do it once! Wall Art The latest wall cladding to hit the food and drink industry Cocina Clad—The next generation of Factory Reinforced PVC Hygienic cladding The Most Advanced Hygienic Cladding System
for Walls and Ceilings
Reduce Microbes by 99.9%

At last you’ve “got it covered”


Jemiclad is a specially designed and engineered 2.5mm homogeneous smooth, non-porous wall and ceiling lining. It can be heat formed around all internal and external corners, reducing the need for corner guards. All joints can either be finished with a colour-matched co-extruded trim or hot air welded with a colour-matched flexible Jemiclad weld rod, then neatly trimmed off flush to give the ultimate in hygienic, seamless and stylish surfaces. This airtight and watertight lining is a must have in the constant challenge of infection control.

Investing in Jemiclad will give you returns 24/7/365, year after year, so please have a look at our 3 part specification here, or email us at sales@jemiclad.com. We will get right back to you.

Jemiclad’s great flexibility makes it an excellent choice for custom cutting, shaving and notching to fit around pipes, electrical outlets and mechanical devices. It’s the ultimate finish in all environments and on all job sites.

Thermoforming Jemiclad to all inner and outer corners, right down to the size of a pencil radius, eliminates silicone abutments into corners and also the need for old-style over-clad corner guards.

Jemiclad is bonded to the substrate by applying Jemifix All-Over Adhesive tightly to the wall or substrate. This eliminates the possibility of bacteria growth or vermin infestation behind the panel. Once cured, Jemifix is also strong enough to stop the panel expanding or contracting and its curing time can be as little as 2 hours.

Jemiclad installation times compare favourably to other systems due to its:

  • Flexibility and impact strength
  • Working weight for one mechanic
  • Heat-formed inside and outside corners
  • Speed of cutting, adherence, striking on the wall, curing and jointing
  • Swift removal of its protective film
  • Ease of application of a suitable anti-static solution and its being ready to use
  • Straightforward handovers: A typical OR can be installed over a single night shift and handed back, finished, just hours later!

Jemiclad boasts an excellent arsenal of fire certifications:ASTM E84 Class A fire rated, BS Class 0 Fire Propagation and Class 1 Spread of Flame, CAN UCL S102.2 tested and AUS-ASNZS 3837 1998 and Group 1, EU EN13501B-S3-D0.

Jemiclad has an excellent chemical resistance with good abrasion characteristics and is both UV stabilised and 100% recyclable.

Jemiclad is very rigid and hard throughout giving it a high impact and notched impact strength with a ball indentation hardness of (358 N /30 s) flexural.

Jemiclad can be cleaned down with industrial cleaners and disinfectants. It has a high tolerance to formic acid, diesel fuel, transformer oil, ammonia, sodium chlorite, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium dithionite, sodium hypochlorite, Aqua regia and ethanol – to name a few.

Jemiclad is free of formaldehyde, asbestos, lindane, PCB, PCP, CFCs, Cadmium and lead.

Jemiclad is free of biocides or plasticisers.

Jemiclad is manufactured to comply with its DIN ISO 9001 certification.